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Businesses have used this solution to manage their payroll processing thus payroll solution is more affordable while data security and statutory compliance are guaranteed.

Start anytime Running payroll is very simple and easy after subscribing on payroll service.  Access to your account anytime, enter your payroll data and check if the information is correct, approve and process payroll easily.  Your employees even can check their Payslips online with no hassles.

Stay Compliant As the system is frequently updated with the latest legislative information, you are worry-free from statutory compliance.


Payw1zard System (HRIS, Payroll & Timekeeping)

  • Take advantage of the cloud's flexibility.
  • Ease of access, tighter communication and connectivity, unlimited storage, and backup recovery.
  • Scalable and accessible from any device; Bapplware Paywizard payroll system application in the cloud can streamline your time attendance and scheduling, payroll processing while providing insightful business intelligence and reports to make managing your payroll easier.
  • Online reporting automates the entire process of providing employee self-service facility via the Internet in a secure manner.
  • Reduce IT cost related with maintaining, upgrading IT infrastructure and security.
  • Minimize IT related problems related to managed software services and entrust the expertise of service provider to achieve 99%-100% compliance by way of monitoring results, through performance indicators and SLA’s
  • Real time and up to date dashboard reporting will help your HR deliver fast results. Thus, reducing valuable time for answering employee queries.

Document Management System

  • Cloud based platform to digitize all your paper based documents directly to Bapplware cloud with powerful search engine and content repository that makes it easy to download or retrieve your files.
  • Archive your files with your choice of storage and bandwidth model and pay with your usage utilization only.
  • Allow us to help you to digitized-scan, store, organize, control and protect your confidential data.
  • Allow only authorized users to search, view, and download the archived files
  • Configurable user management functionality to control and give access to folders and sub folders.
  • Search Engine Functionality that make it easy to locate your files.
  • Restricted Print screen functionality and stripped data to protect your files from unauthorized users.
  • Dashboard functionality to view up to date activity in the system and provide visual analytics of your files.
  • Audit trail of all user’s activities in the system, indicating the activities, IP address, dates and time stamp.

Online Payslip Web Hosting

  • Online Payslips web hosting automates the entire process of providing and distributing your payslips via the Internet in a secure manner.
  • Most businesses are now actively encouraging their employees to be more environmentally conscious. Imagine the flexibility to access and control your payslips over the web/mobile without the need of paper distribution.
  • Reduce the cost for paper, printing, and the service to package and distribute your payslips.
  • This service is available on a standalone service or in conjunction with our managed cloud payroll service solution. Whether you process your payroll in-house or through another managed payroll service provider, we can provide you with this solution.
  • Available in both web-portal and mobile app, integrate with “Bapplpay” a Mobile Application (Android/IOS) with integrated solutions that bring your employees to digital and online world.
  • Bapplpay App is capable to host paylips online, providing convenience for your employees to get updated salary details every payroll.
  • Take away the hassle of writing out checks, waiting or standing in a queue or in line, now you can pay your bills from your mobile phone anytime anywhere without requiring you to use any digital wallet


Payw1zard System


PHP 7,500/150$
Monthly Plan



PHP 12,500.00/250$
Monthly Plan



PHP 14,500,00/290$
Monthly Plan



Document Management System

Storage and downloads are computed using bytes

  • 1024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte
  • 1024 Kilobytes = 1Megabyte
  • 1024 Megabytes = 1Gigabyte

















































Online Payslip Web Hosting






·        Upload Payroll and Master Data

·        View Payslip via Web & Mobile

·        Apply Leave & Overtime Online via Web

·        Pay Bills online

·        Request Cash Advance

50 PHP/user or

1 USD/User