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Bouygues Construction

The Problem

The management wants to automate the complex HR, Payroll, & Timekeeping processes, address all the issues related on plant operation, achieve operational efficiency and full capacity during operation, achieve employee retention, and maintain highest confidentiality of the employees and executive compensation. Enabling Software as a Service (SaaS) to automate the HR/Payroll processes.

The Solution

The Challenge

  • Manual Processes
  • Attendance Timeliness
  • Pay Accuracy Rate
  • Payment of Appropriate taxes, Government remittances and posting
  • Accuracy of Year-End tax reporting

We Made

  • Enabling the Software as a Service (SaaS) technology to address the all the challenges.
  • Enabling the technology business intelligent reporting to address attendance issues
  • Integrate Biometric devices to track all attendance accurately.


Software as a Service (HCM)

Cost savings


Increase in Employee


Customer Satisfaction