Staff Supply

Outsourcing practices can lower operational costs significantly. This is especially applicable to offshore companies with presence in a small to medium enterprises.

Our search advisors are recruited from the industries they serve, each keen learners of market intelligence and remuneration trends. Our Technology Consultants Practice conducts numerous assignments in this sector. Whether it be senior level, functional, or product line assignments, our consultants are well-versed to meet the demands of industry-leading clients immersed in these highly-competitive sectors.

We only need for you to take the time to talk to us and we will provide a comprehensive, consultative, and confidential approach to talent innovation.

Infrastructure Services

Our executive search service is very useful to start ups and multinational companies who are establishing and need hand holding in the recruitment processes.

  • Web Developers/Programmers We have countless of juniors to high caliber developers endorsed to different software development oriented companies.
  • SAP/ABAP Consultant While we engage in developing ERP applications, we help our BPO clients by providing them top notch SAP/ABAP applicants.
  • Project Manager As part of our software development business model, the network of our caliber Project Managers is the core competence why we are choosed by our BPO clients to supply dedicated resources.
  • Call Center Agent From inbound/outbound to technical support associates, we have diverse of well versed and experienced agent deployed to leading global outsourcing companies.

Above are some of the most posted job position requested by different companies.