Infrastructure Services

Traditional IT services and management are evolving. We are moving from delivering by technology towers to managed enterprise services. IT Service Management is the focal point to ensure your organization flows with this evolution.

Servicing a diverse group of companies from consumer electronics, computing systems, networking equipment, OEM components, peripherals and storage systems companies, whether start-ups, early stage to large, established vendors.

We extend our expertise in IT Service Management by helping you create an ITSM environment that is able to grow, evolve, and tame the chaos of the IT services environment.

Network InfrastructureSupport

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure constitutes the core part of business enterprises in IT and we at BAPPLWARE safeguard them quite efficiently for your firm.

Today, businesses are more dependent than ever on technology. From basic daily operations and business applications, to running services and networks; almost every aspect of a business is reliant on technology. Therefore, ensuring that this technology is up and running correctly is extremely critical.

Our consulting and managed services deliver the resources and capabilities required to assess, design, build and manage an agile, flexible IT environment.

Physical Infrastructure

We offer holistic vendor approach to guide you through the complexities of your Physical Infrastructure so you can best understand the reasoning behind our suggestions. Our expertise with over 2,000 site rollouts and an in-house state-of-the-art Network Operations Center for remote monitoring can address any PI challenge you are facing, not to mention decrease your kilowatt-hours and energy costs significantly, making it easy for you to cut the cord on your legacy equipment.

Cloud Infrastructure

We offer comprehensive range of Cloud Computing infrastructure that includes applications, development platforms and integration tools. With this, you will just be a step away from accessing your Cloud network. The whole Cloud Computing infrastructure offered by us is so flexibly designed for your business that any update for the existing applications on the Cloud can be carried out very comfortably.

Our services are built on the concept of ‘Standardization at the backend’ to bring in operational efficiencies and drive down costs. We also help our customers to variabilize their IT costs to bring in Business Agility in the current macro-economic scenario.