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Take advantage of the cloud's flexibility - ease of access, tighter communication and connectivity, unlimited storage, and backup recovery. Scalable and accessible from any device; Bapplware Paywizard payroll system application in the cloud can streamline your time, attendance and scheduling while providing insightful business intelligence and reports to make managing your payroll easier. Online Payslips Web hosting automates the entire process of providing payslips via the Internet in a secure manner.

a statement found at the bottom of an email. Most businesses now actively encourage their employees to be more environmentally conscious. Imagine the flexibility to access and control your online payslips over the web without the need of paper distribution. Cost effective and no cost for paper, printing or the service to package and send the payslips. Online payslips allow you to access your pay details 24 hours a day and to keep a record of them in a safe and secure place. Employees can save and access all their payslips electronically, and print or re-print them at the click of a button whenever required. This service operates as a standalone service or in conjunction with our managed Paywizard payroll service solution. Whether you process your payroll in-house or through another managed payroll service provider, we can supply you with this solution.


  • Secure log-in system for users
  • All data encrypted and stored in SQL Server 2008R2
  • Automated data extraction from the payroll system to securely publish online
  • Automated data update to change employee’s NI number, Surname etc. when details change in payroll system
  • Automated extraction and 256bit secured encryption of PDF payslips - only accessible to the intended recipient
  • Administration log-in for payroll staff to enable global messages to staff and disabling of individual employees
  • For ease of administration the system can be hosted either on the customer’s own web server or on a remote managed
  • Reduces employee queries to Human Resources - Complete Online Payslip history is available
  • Custom layout and designs to match your existing payslip requirements


  • Online Payslip
    Detailed Payslip
    Summary Payslip
  • Individual Mandatory Contribution
    • SSS Contribution
    • HDMF Contribution
    • PhilHealth Contribution
  • Withholding Tax
    • Withholding Tax Reports
    • 1601-C
    • Form 2316
  • SSS Reports
    • R1A
    • SSS Remittance
    • SSS Ascii Files
  • HDMF
    • P2-4
    • M1-1 Contribution
  • PhilHealth
    • ER-2
    • RF-1