We focus on the Web based and Microsoft technologies for developing client applications. As new technologies come, we apply these as much as possible to our products and solutions without sacrificing quality. Doing so, we upgrade our skills and harness our potential.


PayWizard Payroll offers choice and flexibility for companies with varying multi-country payroll requirements. With Pay wizard payroll, you can integrate using our payroll engine and process seamlessly. Pay wizard is a 3 tier architecture applications that can automatically connect to any third-party HR applications by sending specific payroll parameters and import process data back into the Web portal in real time and enable dashboard reporting.

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Online Payslips Web hosting - Payroll in the cloud for web and mobile

Take advantage of the cloud's flexibility - ease of access, tighter communication and connectivity, unlimited storage, and backup recovery. Scalable and accessible from any device; Bapplware Paywizard payroll system application in the cloud can streamline your time, attendance and scheduling while providing insightful business intelligence and reports to make managing your payroll easier. Online Payslips Web hosting automates the entire process of providing payslips via the Internet in a secure manner.

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